LiveNote Stream

Participate in a live deposition from any location with an Internet connection!

LiveNote Stream™ broadcasts -- in realtime -- the audio, video, and text from live events to any participant you authorize. Our firm will provide you with a court reporter that has been thoroughly trained to transmit transcript text via the LiveNote Stream application. Likewise, our professional legal videographer will broadcast the live deposition video to the remote counsel or clients you specify. LiveNote Stream enables your entire legal team -- local and remote -- to discuss strategies via the text-based instant messaging module, and helps you confidently refine your approach during the deposition. Ask us for LiveNote Stream when booking your next deposition!

A demonstration is available from:

 Strengthen your presence at the deposition and fluster your opponent

 Get instant -- and private -- input from anyone connected to your group

 Enable every team member to observe the witness’s demeanor

 Connect all parties involved in complex litigation

 Reduce travel expenses

 Broadband Internet and Microsoft Internet Explorer® are all you need

LiveNote Stream is a trademark of LiveNote, Inc.